What a day!

Year 1 have loved learning about India this half term and we have finished our topic with a day dedicated to learning about the Festival of Colours, Holi.

We started our morning by decorating elephants, as they do on the eve of the Festival of Holi. The elephants then parade through the streets in all their splendour and are judged in a beauty contest. I’m not sure any could have competed with some of the elephants we had in Year 1 today…

Following this, we did some Indian food and drink tasting. The children loved the mango chutney with their poppadums and really enjoyed the Indian tea, much to the teachers surprise!

But the most exciting event was the Festival itself. We got our messy clothes on, went outside armed with paintbrushes and covered each other in lots of bright colours! This festival marks the beginning of Spring and all things new and bright and although we are a little way in to March, the timing seemed quite fitting as we’ve just started to see some lovely sunshine.

We hope you all enjoy some more of the sun over the Easter break and thank you for your support this term.

The Year 1 Team