School Vision

Our school vision started in the classroom.

In 2016, staff began to use three statements to focus their teaching.  SLT and Governors now use three statements to focus their thinking.  These three statements became the heart of our school vision – the thinking behind three words that encapsulate what we believe and what we strive to do:


We believe that children need to know how to learn, not just what to learn.  Our school is a place where all learners can be curious explorers.  Children at our school discuss ideas with their peers and their teachers.  We believe in the power of learning through talk. Children are encouraged to question ‘why?’ and are supported to explore all aspects of the curriculum.

We believe that children should ‘shoot for the stars’.  Here, children are encouraged to push themselves and try something new.  We believe that no one should be afraid of making mistakes.  We celebrate resilience, perseverance and the learning we get from getting it wrong.  Above all we set high expectations for ourselves and strive to always be better and learn more.

What do we mean by ‘active learning’?  We don’t just mean running around the playground (although we know that matters too).  We believe in the importance of encouraging and supporting children to be active participants in their learning.  To be aware of how they learn, what helps them to learn and to know how to best use the learning environment around them.