Our school is split into 7 year groups starting with The Early Years Foundation Stage (Reception) and ending with Year 6

We have two classes in each year group with spaces for 30 children in each class.

Teachers work closely together to plan and deliver exciting lessons and activities for all the children. We teach a topic based curriculum which aims to develop skills through building links between National Curriculum subjects. Although we focus on English, Maths and Science separately, we look for opportunities to include them within the topic themes wherever possible.

We seek to mix the classes at the end of Year 1 and Year 4 as these are the mid-points of each Key Stage. Through mixing the classes at these points, the children develop important social skills and have an opportunity to experience new working relationships. This is an important skill to develop as it builds resilience as they move through the school towards secondary education. It also allows us to look closely at the educational needs of the cohort as they have developed through each Key Stage and respond to any emerging needs.

You can find out more about each year group by clicking on the links below.