Helpful Websites

As a result of the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic we are aware that many children will have missed out on formal schooling for extended periods of time. We have updated this page to include a range of websites that families may find useful. We will review and update this page periodically so do check back from time to time.

Young Minds – advice for supporting those dealing with anxiety. 

Commonsense Media – to help you check any websites / games that children are accessing and their suitability.

Hungry Little Minds – Recommended by the dfe and full of ideas for 0-5s

Phonics Play 

Virtual Museums – Google arts and culture provides links to many museums who have put their collections online.

Go Noodle – sensory breaks and mindfulness videos

National Geographic Kids

Duolingo – languages

Mystery Science – science lessons and activities which can be carried out at home

CBeebies Radio – listening activities

Red Ted Art – arts and crafts activities

DK Find Out – quizzes

BBC Websites

A really useful starting point is the BBC Schools website where a lot of information and resources for teachers and parents are held.

In the run up to National Curriculum tests, the BBC Bitesize website  provides a huge range of games, activities and quizzes from Key Stage 1 right up to GCSE level.

Websites for Literacy/Numeracy

ict games also provides a range of activities and games to help with literacy and numeracy skills. The site does contain adverts.

The Topmarks website contains a dedicated parents section as well as a wealth of ideas and resources for all areas of the curriculum.

Like the Topmarks website, Crickweb contains a large range of resources and activities for all subjects across the curriculum.

Websites for Phonics

Whether you are a parent or teacher, you can use the free resources on the Letters and Sounds website to help support the DfES Letters and Sounds phonics programme. The site contains lots of useful information if you are new to the phonics approach.

Another very useful website for phonics is the Phonics Play site which contains activities and resources for teachers, parents and children.

Safer Internet Advice

We have also created some cribsheets for parents with advice for using key websites and apps safely: 

Online safety tips Houseparty

Online safety tips Tiktok

Online safety tips Whatsapp

Online safety tips Youtube


Whether you are a parent or teacher, you can use these free resources to help support the DfES Letters and Sounds phonics programme.

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