Year 5 Computing

This term we have been designing prototypes of Interactive Toys – (think Furby or Buzz Lightyear).  We thought carefully about which age groups our toys were suitable for and then created the inputs and outputs.  Using Scratch, we created an interactive digital version of our toy, programmed the code and then ‘debugged’ it. 

Click on the links below to play with a selection of our toys!    The links will open a new tab on your browser and take you directly to the Scratch Website.   Follow the instructions on how to play with each toy.   

Which one do you think should be made into a real-life toy?

Class 11’s Toys

Eddy The Incredible Lion by Izzy & Eve

Coral Kevin by Liam & Tom

The JoJo Shopkin!! by Brenna & Grace

Maz the Master Melon by Warren & Bella

Barry Brains by Billy, George & Isaac

Class 12’s Toys

The Awesome Parrot by Will & Louis

Fluffball by Max & Danny

Party Uga by Maisie & Sophie

Missile 2000 by Robin & James