Due to circumstances beyond our control, we are having to take the regrettable decision to close the school for the remainder of this week (Wed 25, Thur 26 and Fri 27 April). The reason for this closure is that, following extensive investigative work by an independent drain company and South West Water, a significant blockage and potential damage to pipes caused by tree roots needs immediate attention.

We have been advised, due to potential health risks caused by raw sewage, that the only realistic option is to close the school.

Unfortunately none of the remedial work can be undertaken when there is any running water in the system which means that for the next 3 days the school cannot use toilet facilities or any running water. Unfortunately, owing to the fact that we use the same drainage pipes, this will also affect provision at Busy Otters which will regrettably need to shut.

We will keep you all as up-to-date as we can via the school website.