The children in EYFS have been extremely excited this week. On Wednesday they discovered eggs in the EYFS area. They started to ask lots of questions and were puzzled as to where the eggs had come from. We then opened the eggs to find a baby dinosaur inside! The children were soon to receive an email from PC Hunter from the ‘Dinosaur Division; asking them for help. It said that a very friendly dinosaur called Trevor had gone missing from Exmouth and the dinosaur tracks led them to Ottery St Mary. PC Hunter then sent us a video of Trevor and asked whether it was our school playground in the video! He asked the children to help look after Trevor, make posters to tell the rest of the school, record anything that they find and report back to him. We set up an incident room to take more calls and record incidents.  The children were beside themselves with excitement and had some wonderful ideas about Trevor. They even decided that Trevor must be a girl as she laid eggs!

Today the children have been busy making traps, creating dinosaur pictures, making dinosaur food, designing posters, making masks and searching for clues. The children were so enthusiastic and motivated by their discoveries. They found dinosaur footprints on the bank, half eaten leaves, teeth and even dinosaur excrements! They have been recording their thoughts and findings for PC Hunter and we have left out some food tonight to see if we can encourage Trevor to visit us again!