Year 3 have been learning how the brain changes when we learn something new and how neural pathways get stronger the more you do something.

We have been talking about how we feel when we can’t do something at the first attempt. Sometimes we might feel frustrated, even cry, but we are learning that we must never give up. We have discussed the different things that help us get better at a new skill such as perseverance, practice and trying new strategies.

We are learning to learn from our mistakes and understand how a ‘growth mindset’ is a good quality for us as learners to have. Someone who challenges themselves to learn new things, keeps trying and tries new strategies to solve a problem has a growth mindset.

To experience the feeling of not being able to do something ‘yet,’ we tried to make an origami butterfly by following instructions. We learnt that it didn’t matter if it wasn’t perfect on our first attempt, what mattered was that we didn’t give up – we were all successful in the end.

We have all thought of things that we can’t do ‘yet’ and have written them onto our butterflies.

 What can’t you do…yet?