Year 3 had a wonderful time travelling adventure discovering Kents Cavern – one of Britain’s most special caves. As the oldest human dwelling in North-West Europe, we learnt how Kents cavern been used from the Stone Age to today. It was an amazing experience, walking through the passageways that so many people and animals have been using for hundreds and thousands of years.

We discovered that the oldest animal remains found in Kents Cavern are around 500,000 years old and belonged to cave bears!

The Stone Age trail taught us about the different aspects of live for Stone Age people such as fire making, health, shelter and much more.

We had fun taking part in an Ice Age animal hunt to learn about how people and animals survived in Ice Age Torquay tens of thousands of years ago, when the temperature was much colder and huge cave bears walked through the woods.

This is an artists impression of what the surrounding area of Kents Cavern might have looked like in this period of history.