The children in Foundation have been learning how we change as we grow. They enjoyed playing in our baby clinic role play areas and took great delight in sharing their baby and toddler photos, discussing how they had changed and celebrating all their new found skills now that they are older. We had some very special visitors in school too. New baby brother, Albie and a new baby sister Lyra came into visit class 1 and class 2. We learnt what Lyra  and Albie can do at the moment and how babies need to be taken care of by the adults. Both babies were very well behaved and Odin  and Tianna loved having their little brother and sister in to show everybody. Thank you Mums for the visit.

We also had a visit from Claire, our local Health Visitor. We had a very interesting time learning more about how to take care of a baby. We looked at the equipment used by a Health Visitor and she explained her job. She spoke about the importance of writing notes and knowing your numbers. We weighed and measured the baby’s length and compared heights of some children. The children listened well and asked some great questions. Thank you Claire, it will help us to know how to play in our baby clinic role play.