For the Ancient Egyptians, the sun, moon, planets, stars and star patterns were of great significance not only for timekeeping and use in surveying but also because these objects could be directly linked to the gods and goddesses that were worshipped and feared. 

Year 3 have been extremely lucky to have a special visitor, Specelab. 

The mobile Planetarium visited us to deliver a presentation linked to our History topic Ancient Egyptians. 

We all loved the exciting environment of the planetarium and how it was used to help us see for ourselves and learn about the fascinating legacy of the Ancient Egyptians and their beliefs in the Sun and stars. As in most early cultures, the patterns and behaviors of the sky led to the creation of a number of myths to explain the astronomical phenomena. For the Egyptians, the practice of astronomy went beyond legend. We were intrigued to learn how the huge temples and pyramids we have been learning about were built with specific astronomical orientations.