Across the school, pupils are becoming more confident to talk about their understanding of what they are learning and how this changes over time, within and across lessons. We are using four colours to describe different stages of learning. Here, some of our wonderful pupils explain their understanding of the colours and how they help them to reflect on their own progress.










Pupils in each year group have been continuing to learn a new skill. Here you can see some year 5s learning to juggle. They are working in pairs with one person acting as ‘coach’ to support the other to reflect on their developing skills.


In year 2, the ReflectED colours can be seen as part of the working wall for their topic learning.


Year 2 have also started to use colours at the start and end of lessons in books to reflect on how their understanding has changed:

In Year 4. they are thinking about the ReflectED colours in conjunction with the idea of the learning pit, considering strategies for moving forwards when they feel stuck: