The rainforest is a truly tropical greenhouse. We have learnt that more than two-thirds of the world’s plant species are found in the tropical rainforests: some are colourful and small, some are plain but impressively tall. Each and every single plant has a purpose and function. It was one of our homework challenges to design a new rainforest plant thinking carefully about its function and purpose that would convince a leading company in the field of biology to produce it. As you will see we had lots of wonderful ideas!

My plant is the Double Root Tree and it strangles anyone or anything that tries to harm it. Fun fact! It does not have any leaves, not a single one!


When the Red Burst plant dies, it put nutrients back into the ground so that it can grow again.

My plant can grow lots of different kinds of fruit to feed lots of rainforest animals.

My plant is called the Rainforest Recycler and the colourful leaves give it the different flavours it has. A red leaf would taste of strawberries and a blue one of blueberries. I wonder what a green leaf tastes of?

My flower is The Beauty and its purpose is to give insects to help the ecosystem.

My plant produces medicine for asthma and it is all colours of the rainbow. Importantly, it can regenerate if it is chopped down.

The most amazing feature of my plant is that the outside of its roots are tough and bitter so animals give up eating it but rarely some animals do manage to bite through it although the inner is poisonous.

The Toucan flower can grow up to 50 feet tall. These amazing flowers get their name from the very special flower head that looks like the toucan’s beak. Did you know, the Toucan flower head is poisonous to all animals but not the toucan!

The Red-eyed tree frog plant has leaves that provide pools of rain for animals to drink from and the flowers are the same colours as the red-eyed tree frog so that they can camouflage from their enemies!

This tree keeps parrots safe from predators. The bright colours of the tree blends in with the bright colours of the parrots. The nuts keep on growing so the parrots always have something to eat.