Our class bears, Fred and Ned disappeared a few weeks ago. They left a trail of clues for the children leading to a message in a bottle in the school pond.


The children were extremely excited and keen to find out where Fred and Ned had disappeared to. They quickly set about writing letters and creating missing posters to find out more. It soon became apparent that the bears had gone on an adventure with Pirates! The children have been enjoying learning about the life of a pirate, reading and writing stories, role playing different pirate scenarios and creating treasure maps.


The children have been able to help Fred and Ned with a number of problems that they have encountered whilst on their adventure. They thoroughly enjoyed experimenting with different materials to make flotation devices to keep the pirates afloat. When a potion for sea sickness required the ingredients to be doubled to make enough for both bears, the children used their mathematical skills to solve the problem. They also created some very imaginative pirate stew recipes that would make your stomach churn!.  Experimenting with different fabrics to find the best shelter and coat to keep the bears dry whilst on board the ship, led to some great outfits and dens being designed and tested too.


The children will be asked to to write some bedtime stories to help the bears sleep after half term and there will be other exciting developments in store for the children when we take a trip to the river. We shall keep you posted!