‘When you look at a painting, let the dancing begin.’

This term Year 3 have been writing their own poetry linked to our Geography Topic of Volcanos.

As authors of poetry we have learnt that all we need is a love and curiosity for words: the sound they make, the way they can paint pictures in our heads and the way they can dance and sing.

‘Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks.’

To inspire us in our poetry writing we immersed ourselves in art by taking a long, careful look at the art work ‘Vesuvius from Portici’ by Joseph Wright.

The painting was made to commemorate the Mount Vesuvius’s infamous eruption in 79 A.D and the havoc it brought to the two nearby towns. We let the art speak to us in its richness and variety and the details in the art that interested us were the starting point for our writing.

We learnt that one thing that marks poetry out from other types of witting is the colourful language – helped by the use of similes and metaphors. Will you be able to spot these in our writing along with well chosen vocabulary and expanded noun phrases?

We hope that you enjoy reading some of our amazing poems about this catastrophic natural disaster and that we have managed to paint a picture in your mind.

To illustrate our amazing poems we chose to use one of the most famous paintings by Vincent Van Gogh ‘The Starry Night’ as our inspiration and adding out own volcano twist..