Poetry writing in Year 3.

When you look at a painting

Let the dancing begin.

Move your eyes around the frame

Both gilded and plain.

Then let the light take you in

To all that’s within

Grace Nichols

Inspired by The Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh we experimented with usual words in unusual combinations and used words to let the dancing begin.

We were so proud of our results, we were keen to share our work with others and take the stage, reading our work aloud for others to enjoy.

 Let your eyes fall into the spell, it will take you to an unknown land.

  The village sleeps as the stars dance in the sky.

  The hills are mountains of sugar wasting away.

  The moon is a big lump of French, drippy, delicious cheese!






Gazing up at the stars I see swirls of death, rising up to heaven.