Year 3 Layers of the rainforest collage challenge.

We have been looking at the layers of the rainforest,  finding out out exactly what the layers of the rainforest are and learning about the animals and plants that live in each of them.

To develop our understanding of each of the layers, we took part in a collage challenge. Each group was given given a photograph of one layer of the rainforest (Emergent layer, Canopy, Understory, Forest Floor). In groups we were given a challenge to recreate our section using collage techniques (cutting, tearing, scrunching, overlapping, and layering) to contribute to our whole class rainforest scene.

We were able to be as creative as we liked with the materials we had available to us. We made sure that our collage clearly showed the different layer of the rainforest visible in the photograph. and that everyone in the group contributed. Once we were finished, we put together our layers to create a finished piece of art.

‘It’s always the small pieces that make the big picture.’