This term in ReflectED Year 3 have been learning about Growth Mindset. We have learnt that our brains are like a muscle and grow the more we use it. We have been trying to embrace challenges, persist in the face of obstacles, learn from our mistakes and see effort as a path to mastery.

For our half term homework, Year 3 set themselves their own challenge to learn a new skill. This could be absolutely anything they liked but it had to be new learning.

We were so impressed to hear all about the children’s learning journey as they embraced their new skills.

Have a look at what the children in Year 3 have learnt to help their brains grow.

We hope that you will be inspired by their success.

Toby made a PowerPoint to show the class his new learning – speaking Portuguese!

Kiana wrote instructions to show her new learning – making a cup of tea!

Scarlet learnt how to make a bag, learning new sewing skills. She shared her step by step guide to making a bag with the class.

Harry learnt how to plant cosmos – a great link to our last Science unit about plants. He created a wonderful set of instructions to coach someone else how to do it too.

Will learnt how to a racing dive into the swimming pool off blocks! he wrote a guide telling us all how his learnt his new skill which could help others if they were brave enough to try!


Harriet’s new skill was learning to bake a stripy zebra cake all by herself. Doesn’t it look delicious?

Elliot learn two new skills – playing tennis and rollerskating. Luckily not at the same time!

Amber was proud of all of her new learning she did during this half term. She has a new saying, “When you fall down you get back up again.” This amazing attitude has helped Amber learn how to walk in a crab and perform a back bend walkover!

Lexi learnt to sew with her Gran which will really help her in our next DT project.

George learnt how to do a back-flip on a trampoline!

Charlotte developed her horse riding skills during half term, learning to do new tricks on ponies after lots of practice including balancing on horse back and learning to sit a buck.

Phillip learnt how to sew using a sewing machine.

Jago is learning how to take care of peacock eggs. We cant wait to see them when they hatch!

Daisys new skill is map reading. If you’re spending time outdoors, a trusty map will help you to get the most out of your adventure. Daisy could coach you on how to get home safely.

Lacey learnt how to make flapjack – they were delicious! Thankfully she wrote instructions to teach others how to make them so I can try and make them at home myself.

How to make bread using a bread maker was Jake’s new skill. He make an amazing loaf to share with his classmates who thought it looked like he had just bought it from the bakery.

Harvey learnt how to make a cup of tea safely by himself. He produced a wonderful set of instructions to show he peers exactly what he had learnt to do.

Daisy learnt to use chop sticks. When she visited her Aunt in Thailand who tried to teach her but Daisy was to busy looking at the incredible new things to see like toktok cars! This time though, Daisy focused hard to learn this new skill and is proud of her new achievement. Her aunt would be proud too!

Martha had a wonderful half term, she learnt three skills which she is going to practice more and more to get better and better! Martha has kindly included tips for other people to help them learn how to roller-skate, how to play tennis and how to succeed on the monkey bars.

Dewi has learnt to speak in Welsh, which he was very proud to share with his friends and rightly so.

Baden loves playing football, he often plays in defense but would like to get better at scoring goals and being a better striker so he can play up front. Baden drew a diagram and explained what he did to perfect his new footballing skills helping him to score 2 goals in his latest match!

Millie thought that she would learn to do origami because she had been given a book and has never been able to do it. She thought it would be nice to try and learn how to do it. It was tricky at first and she nearly gave it up but with a little help from mum she got there in the end! Great team work!

Amazingly, Robyn learned to… drive a narrow boat called Sally! Robyn created an amazing book all about her new learning. This is my story of how I learnt to drive a narrow boat. At first it was hard but then I got the hang of it. Fantastic work Robyn and a new skill to be extremely proud of.


Ava learnt lots of new skills this half term like origami and how to wash up! Ava created wonderfully detailed instructions to help coach someone else to learn How to wash up – an important life skill, learning to clean up after oneself – something that every child should learn. Well done Ava.

Connie is now an expert at chopping onions like a real chef. Although this new learning made her eyes water she is now confident with using a very sharp knife safely.