Hello, Hello Year 3? Can you hear me?

This is Victoria Stanley. Hope you can hear this.

A storm is on the horizon and a group of intrepid explorers need a roof over their heads quickly!

Can you help them by building a shelter or den made from natural materials you find in the rainforest?

Really, really hope you can.

This week, in Topic, Year 3 received and responded to a personal answerphone message from the character Victoria Stanley from the book Rough Guide to the Rainforest by Paul Mason.

Upon Victoria’s request, working on our team building skills, we set off to explore our woodland area for materials to create mini dens for the intrepid explorers, fulfilling the design criteria below:

* Stable to survive the storm

* Large enough for the explorers to shelter in

* Made from all-natural materials

This allowed us to expand our geography knowledge even further in terms of types of settlement and land use (see The Great Debate). We considered what first settlers, such as local rainforest tribespeople, would have utilised in such conditions to build their homes.

As we foraged for natural materials to build our dens, we found a treasure trove of sticks, stones, feathers, petals and leaves.

We built our dens considering the design criteria.

Finally, we evaluated our dens and peer reviewed each other’s. We came up with lots of ideas of how we could improve our shelters and are keen to put these into practice in the future!