As part of British Science Week, the whole school explored and investigated bubbles. In Year 2, the children explored these questions:

  • What makes better bubbles, cold or warm water?
  • What can you use to make bubbles?
  • Can you make the balloon sink?
  • Which liquid is the best for blowing bubbles?
  • Which blow better bubbles, straws or wands?

After a lot of fun exploring these questions, the children came up with their own questions they wanted to further investigate and as a class we chose just one. Class 5 decided they wanted to explore ‘Which material is the best for catching bubbles?’ and Class 6 chose ‘Which bubbles last the longest?’. The children planned their investigation in small groups and then discussed their investigation and results alongside other members of the school in a Science assembly. Class 5 found out that cotton gloves were the best for catching bubbles and Class 6 discovered that soya milk produced bubbles that lasted the longest compared to other types of milk.