Thank you to all of the parents, friends and family who came to our Class 7 Beloved Burger Assembly today, we hope you enjoyed watching it as much as we enjoyed performing it to you.

This is my plate

This is my planet

What am I going to eat?

For those of you who missed it, our assembly Beloved Burger explored the impact of eating so much meat and the effect that this has on our planet.

Once there was a girl called Lucy

And she was a very fussy eater.

Dinner time Lucy! It’s shepherd’s pie!

Yuk! I want a burger.

It’s chicken curry.


It’s sausages and mash

Still want a burger!

Roast beef and Yorkshire pudding?

Burger, burger, burger

Then one night Lucy had a dream (that changed everything…)

We explored how an increase in the demand for meat can affect tropical rainforests far away. We looked at the consequences for; animals and plants living in these areas, farmers and our planet. Linked to our learning about rainforests, healthy eating and sustainability our aim was to promote discussions about our food, our heath and our planet.



Slash and burn

Slash and burn

Grow the soy

To feed the cows

Slash and burn

Slash and burn

We must make money

To feed our children

Slash and burn

Slash and burn

What will you have for dinner tonight?