Year 3 are joining the anti-plastic revolution with our own reusable carriers!

Disposable shopping bags are everywhere.

Plastic bags have only been in circulation for about 50 years, but scientists have suggested it could take up to 1,000 years for them to fully decompose. Linking to our Rainforest topic, we have been learning about “throwaway culture” and we decided that one way we could tackle this issue could be to reduce our reliance on single-use plastic. We went to encourage other to reuse bags. Using a Bag For Life removes the need for temporary plastic bags, and reduces the devastating impact on the environment – every time we use one we could be saving a sea turtle, imagine that!

We carefully planned, designed and made a Bag for Life suitable for our target market whilst developing finger dexterity, self-confidence and copious amounts of patience with sewing! We recycled polystyrene pizza bases to make leaf shapes inspired by the rainforest and learned printing techniques to create bags that we are proud of.

Have a look at the process and some of our amazing creations!