Art in Year 3

Portraits of Egyptian Kings and Queens.

In art this term we have been learning about portraits and drawing accurate drawings of faces. We have been developing our drawing and sketching skills using charcoal, pencils and pastels. We have looked closely at different portraits and have used our understanding of proportions of the face to draw our own.

Connie was proud of her portrait of Tutankhamen in pastel.

Scarlet thought carefully about the proportions of King Tut’s face.


Will was so proud of his Art work he invited his Granddad in to see it after school!

Toby and the rest of Year 3 found working in charcoal quite challenging and messy!). But we pushed ourselves to create some fantastic portraits of Cleopatra.

Baden used his skills of observation to add lots of detail to his portrait of Cleopatra.

Robyn was so pleased with her end result and so she should be! Amazing attention to detail!

Ava has learnt how to draw a self portrait thinking carefully about the proportions of the face.

Martha enjoyed learning how to draw her self portrait. We have been learning to sketch using a range of mediums. We like sketching in pencil lightly because we can rub out any mistakes!

George used a shading technique to draw hair on his self portrait. It was quite time consuming but made the hair look really realistic.