Fascinating Family History Homework in Year 4

An absolutely brilliant piece of homework has been shared in class 10 this week. One of our classmates researched an important family member who had taken part in WWII. Not only were sent to fight in the second world war, but this also happened just after they had been selected to play in the first team for Liverpool Football club! We looked at their real war medals – 4 for bravery and one for surviving DDay. We also listened to a letter which had been written all about their experience. Thank you so much for the hard work which has gone into this homework and for sharing a fascinating piece of family history. 

Below is the “Letter Home from the Trenches” which was written based on their story. 

Dear Mum, Dad and Joyce, 

I hope you are all well? Well, as you have probably seen in the papers, we managed to get into France. It was the most horrible thing I had ever seen. We have moved further in land and are now living in trenches. There are little undercover areas but they are mainly for officers. Often it rains and we are having to wear our wet clothes and boots. There are dead soldiers everywhere and loads of rats. The smell is unbearable. 

To think I left the comfort of Anfield and my beloved Liverpool football career to end up here is a nightmare. I cannot wait to get home and play some more football. I can’t believe I made the first team just before having to join the army. Hopefully this will be over soon and I can return home. 

Much love to you all.



Year 4 homework 2019