A group of pupils from years 3 and 4 visited St Peter’s High school in Exeter to see their musical production- The Addams Family. The children loved the performance and came back to school having remembered lots of songs and lines from the show:

Some of the actors visited us at Ottery the week before the performance to meet our pupils and help with their drama workshop. Our pupils were very excited to meet them again and have their picture taken with them and the rest of the cast.

The children’s comments showed how much they enjoyed the experience:

  • I loved it when an arrow was shot and people passed the arrow along like it was in slow motion. It was so controlled and clever.
  • It made me feel like part of it because I just started tapping my feet and clicking along.
  • I thought magic was happening when Morticia had to rip part of her skirt to change costume.
  • I’m definitely going to be an actress when I grow up now.
  • The microphones around their ears were so cool!
  • I felt like a celebrity when I got off my chair and went down to meet the cast.

Thanks to all at St Peter’s for such an exciting opportunity.