Over the last couple of weeks, we have been learning all about metacognition at Ottery. This is part of our involvement with the ReflectED project run by Rosendale Primary school in Brixton and the University of York. Metacognitive skills have been proved to have a significant impact on pupil’s progress, confidence and self-awareness as learners.

Pupils in each Year group have been learning a new skill and reflecting on the process of learning at the same time. Here are some photos of different year groups learning new skills.

Chopsticks in Year 2


  • I am red because I can’t pick anything up.
  • I am yellow because I can’t hold chopsticks correctly.
  • I am yellow because I don’t know which side to hold the chopsticks.

We have been learning that feeling like we’re struggling is a part of the learning process. Sometimes it can make us feel frustrated. We’ve been thinking about breaking learning into steps and seeking help in a positive way:


British Sign Language in Year 3

Juggling in Year 5

Year 5 have been learning to juggle. Here is a written reflection by Isaac in class 11