Words Have Power

We must act now before it’s too late.

Writing can influence or change another’s thoughts or actions. Some might say that persuasion is the art of getting what you want. Toby has worked especially hard in his writing to create a strong argument for saving the rainforest as the repercussions of deforestation affect the species within the forests as well as individuals who live far from it. He has used words, phrases and techniques that help persuade the reader, such as emotive language and rhetorical questions, to see things from his point of view. Toby has used careful word choices and developed logical arguments, backing these up with facts and statistics. The ability to communicate persuasively is an important tool and plays an important role in our everyday lives  – providing a point of view and backing it up to persuade the reader, is a critical skill that Toby has excelled in.

Will you help us save the rainforest for future generations?

Year 3
May 2018