Daisy’s descriptive writing

Do you dare to enter the Place Between?

We have loved reading the beautifully illustrated book ‘Leon and the Place Between’ in English.

With a swoop, off they flew. Everything that had disappeared by magic, appeared in the Place Between. Cards and doves fluttered in the lantern light. Coins and rings spun past, flashed and were gone. Ropes, cups and balls danced in the perfumed air. A magician’s assistant stepped out of nowhere as another vanished in the blink of an eye! It was a world of astonishment. A world of the unexpected. It was alive with MAGIC.’

In Year 4, it was our challenge to write our own portal story using the structure of Leon and the Place Between. With Daisy’s fantastic magical portal and wonderful use of words, reading her story made us believe in the power of magic. Daisy showed us that anyone can find magic, as long as they believe in it. What a fantastic piece of descriptive writing Daisy!

Year 4
October 2018