Dear Year 3,

We know how keen Year 3 are to further their learning so we are setting a few activities to keep you busy as the school is closed.

-Complete the new activities on Mathletics linked to our next unit – fractions.

-Continue to practice telling the time, making a habit of pointing out the time on a clock when events happen in your day. Challenge yourself to tell the time on a 12-hour and 24-hour digital clock and on an analogue clock. Can you tell the time right down to the minute?

Have a look at

-Read and enjoy your school book or another one from home. Can you be ready to quiz next week? You could even write a book review to be displayed on the Bus to encourage someone else to read the book after you!

-Research deforestation using books from home, the library or the internet. Develop your understanding of the reasons behind deforestation and the scale of the problem, and consider the impact deforestation has on plants and animals. Next week we will be continuing our work on persuasive writing. It will be our job to persuade people to save the rainforest! Be ready to share the information you have found with the rest of the class.

We look forward to seeing you next week.

Enjoy the sunshine!

Year 3 team