Fantastic Maths in Class 10



Both Olivia and Grace showed a great deal of determination to understand how to multiply and divide by 10 and 100 using knowledge of place value. They then went on to challenge themselves during independent tasks, earning house points and Assistant Headteacher awards.

Mrs Alford says, “Both Grace and Olivia have been working very hard to increase their independence in maths and not be so reliant on teacher or TA help. In their maths lesson on how to divide and multiply by 10 and 100, they both had a really good understanding of how to use the place value grid which helped them in their calculations. I was very pleased at the end of the lesson to see how they had both worked completely independently and had successfully calculated all of their questions correctly using the method shown to them earlier in the lesson.”


Olivia and Grace 

Year 4 
June 2017
Skills independence, perseverance, place value