Forest School

Last half term, the forest school groups covered the topic of ‘Harvest’. We were busy harvesting our school-grown vegetables and then using these to create some delicious food. We have used a different recipe each week and different methods of cooking; the campfire, hob and oven. We have also worked on other skills such as; confidence, communication, team work, instruction reading, measuring skills, handling of new equipment and challenging ourselves! We have had great fun making flatbreads, apple crumble, jam, vegetable stew, pizza and cakes.

The children have been so keen in coming up with more activities to add to our ideas board, it is great to see the children so enthusiastic about their learning and finding ways to move on to another level. As part of our harvest topic, the children were keen to take part in the harvest assembly and share what they had learned. It was incredibly rewarding to see them support each other and the older children support the younger children so that everyone was able to take part. Well done to everyone for a fantastic first half term!