This half-term, we have taken part in a variety of activities to explore life and death the Egyptian way.  We have explored the process of mummification (using an apple slice in the shape of a person) with authentic Egyptian methods.  The mummies below were wrapped in a salt mixture for 3 weeks to dry out.

While waiting for our mummy to dry, we designed and started to make a sarcophagus to place it in.  These sarcophagus lids (below) are waiting to be painted. We can’t wait to finish them and show them off when they are finished.

The Ancient Egyptians used to take out the brain through the nostrils as part of the mummification process.  We had a go at using a hook to remove insides from a watermelon through a small hole!






Finally, we are putting the finishing touches to our paintings of King Tutankhamun’s funeral mask using metallic paints.

Watch this space for more exciting photos after half-term!