What a wonderful week we have had. Each year group in the school have created their own masterpiece based on the artwork of a famous artist. We are so proud of everyone and all of their hard work. What a wonderful way to end the half term, sharing 424 amazing self portraits.

Foundation Stage have been learning about Giuseppe Arcimboldo. Using mixed media they have had lots of fun making fruit faces.

Year 1 have learnt about Picasso and have created their own Cubism inspired portraits.

Year 2 have learnt about the Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama. They have used photography to create a self portrait and created a background replicating our artists’ love of patterns and dots.

Year 3 recreated the pop art of Roy Lichtenstein. They used bright colours, dots and a comic book style.


Year 4 studied Paul Klee and replicated the texture and tone of his art work with chalk pastels.

Year 5 studied the work of Chuck Close who is an American artist with an inspirational story. The children enjoyed telling their own story through their self portraits.


Year 6 studied Andy Warhol and his Pop art style. They enjoyed experimenting with his clever use of repeated images and using bright, contrasting colours.