Spring term in Year 3 has flown by.

We have enjoyed so many different learning experiences and the children have been so engaged and enthused we wanted to share with you come of our best bits from this last half term.

We’ve enjoyed hunting and gathering like people of the Stone age in our very own scavenger hunt.

We even tried some Stone age food.

During science week we loved playing with bubbles. We tried to make the biggest bubbles we could, the smallest possible bubbles, the longest lasting bubbles and different shaped bubbles using different bubble mixtures.

We noticed lots of different things like… sometimes we could put our finger through a bubble and it didn’t pop, also the less force you blow with the bigger the bubbles form and bubbles like to stick together and looked like the domes of the Eden project.


In science we enjoyed creating our own secret codes in mirror writing.

And it was lots of fun following a mirror maze.

Our school trip to Kents Cavern was amazing. Did you know that hyenas are one of the most important animals to live in Kents Cavern. Many of the bones discovered in the cave show hyena scratch and chew marks.

A human jawbone was found in Kents Cavern in 1927. It dates to 41,000 years ago and is the oldest modern human remains ever found in our country.

To celebrate a new child joining Year 3, we learnt all about Greece.

We enjoyed some Greek food.

Lots of us thought it was delicious!

We listened to a Greek story and imagined what it must be like for someone not being able to understand English like we do.

To celebrate our Stone Age topic coming to an end, we had an end of tern treat.

It was lots of fun working together to make our own Stonehenges out of biscuits and cheese puffs!

Our Stone Age jewelry is sensational and all of the visitors to the school have been impressed with all of our homework and full of praise for Year 3.

All of Year 3 enjoyed taking part in a Tag Rugby tournament at Kings School. We are pround to say that we came back triumphant!

Congratulations to team Hurricane for getting through to the East Devon Mega Fest next term.

To end the term, we had some very special visitors!

We loved meeting 3 and 4 day old lambs.

Thank you tosome of our parents for bringing in the lambs to meet us.

It was lovely having lambs to visit, what a special Easter treat! Thank you Mrs Bull for organising it for us!

Here are some more pictures of the fantastic work created by Year 3. We can’t wait to see what the Summer term brings!