Our half term has started in a most unusual fashion – with the arrival of a mysterious door on the playground! Where did it come from? What was it for? Where might it lead to? All questions we were desperate to find out the answer to in class! The door has been the start for a super week of creative writing across the school. Each year group used ‘The Door’ as a starting point for drama, storytelling and creative writing. 

Every child has had the chance to produce any piece of writing they would like in response to this mysterious event, and we have ended the week by sharing our writing with children from other classes. Some have written comic books, others newspaper reports, we have even seen some ‘choose your own adventure’ stories. 
The whole project was made possible through the support of RIO (Recycling In Ottery), “Smart Build Supplies” and Warren Smith of PrimeBuild – we are very grateful to them all!